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Your Logistics

We are Certified Master Brokers® trained at the highest logistics standard of the industry. Our services may protect you from a negligent hire situation. We successfully coordinate the transportation of goods from point A to B in the most efficient and accurate manner.


For every carrier booked, we do the following:
  • Screen Motor Carriers to verify their DOT authority and insurance

  • Monitor their performance and safety records

  • Take steps to insulate you from liability

  • Track and trace your loads from pick up to delivery

  • Adjudicate claims for you


Our Services

Queen of Freight, LLC is a nation-wide travel agent for freight specializing in finding:

The lowest freight rate,

Timely, cost-effective transportation

Trucks domiciled near your freight’s destination

Full Truckload

Full Truckload


Less Than Truckload




Book Your Truck Days


Be ready weeks before you need to ship

Avoid delays in searching for equipment or transportation means

Free up your time!

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